HA is a new biannual magazine on Icelandic design and architecture, published by the Iceland Design Centre in both Icelandic and English.

HA* is the compendium of Icelandic creative industry, bringing together articles and columns by leading experts and professionals, foreign and domestic, with analysis, overviews and updates.

HA aims to brings the discussion on design in Iceland to a new level, offering in-depth analysis on all aspects of good design in Icelandic and English.

The first issue covers a new typeface inspired by the early settlers by type designer Guðmundur Úlfarsson; cutting edge, fashionable takes on Icelandic wool by fashion designer MAGNEA; a overview of urban planning for ReykjavIk and the winner of the first Icelandic design award.

According to Arnar Fells Gunnarsson, editor-in-chief of HA,

“Iceland’s small yet distinctive and dynamic design scene has long been in need of a voice and body and that’s exactly what HA will do.

The Icelandic design community is very much at defining crossroads discovering its strengths and determined to be taken seriously, and not just in Nordic or broader international terms, but also by our own professional sector.”

By subscribing, you will receive HA twice a year (March and October), delivered all the way to your door step. The subscription price is ISK 2300 (USD 17/ EUR 15/GBP 11). Sending cost within Iceland is included; subscribers outside Iceland will be charged an extra sending fee.

The retail price for HA is 2900 ISK. The following stores stock the magazine:
Spark Design Space
Reykjavik Art Museum
The Museum of Design and Applied Arts

Read more, subscribe or buy a copy at hadesignmag.is


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*HA in Icelandic is a multifaceted word, mainly an exclamation of wonder and amusement or emphasising something surprising or remarkable; but also signifying a request for elaboration or confirmation of something not understood, which is describes the magazine HA in a nutshell.