Design Policy


Icelandic Design Policy 2014–2018, the first national design policy for Iceland promotes design as a vital driving force for future. Read it in English here.

The first national design strategy for Iceland will enhance the importance of design in all conception, development, and manufacture of products, with the aim of strengthening Icelandic companies’ competitive position and increasing value creation.

Prepared by a work group put together by The Ministry of Industries and Innovation and the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture, the design strategy discusses the role of design in the Icelandic society in the following three categories:

Education and knowledge to develop, promote and strengthen design education

Work and support environment to increase professional emphasis, simplify solutions, and encourage initiatives.

Promotion to instruct, promote and exhibit Icelandic design projects locally and internationally.

According to Halla Helgadóttir, managing director of Iceland Design Centre,

– The design strategy is an essential step in our continuing work to develop the Icelandic design and architecture industries.

It is a very practical document that presents the status of Icelandic design inustry as it stands right now and a foundation on which to build in the future. It includes guidelines to us and the decision makers on how to proceed.

The work on evaluating the current design strategy and preparing for the next steps is scheduled to start in 2016.

Iceland Design Centre has initiated and facilitated the project along with the ministries and various stakeholders both governmental, business and media.

The design strategy report is illustrated by Rán Flygenring.

Illustrations by Rán Flygenring
Graphic design by Gudbjörg Tómasardóttir


Design as a Driver for Future
Icelandic Design Policy 2014-2018