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First Glimpses to the DesignMarch 2015 Program

The 2015 DesignMarch program is shaping up to be the most exciting yet. This year’s dialogue will focus on play, hence the theme “PlayAway”. The festival is comprised of Iceland’s leading designers and architects working at the forefront of innovative design, which characterizes the Icelandic community. The deadline to register an event is January 25th.

Here you can see glimpses of the diverse program for this year’s DesignMarch 2015

RFF - Reykjavík Fashion Festival

Reykjavík Fashion Festival is being held for the 6th time. The Festival is an important platform for Icelandic fashion designers. The aim of the event is to promote the Icelandic fashion scene, create awareness, and bring about opportunities in international markets. We have high anticipations for the event. Confirmed list of RFF’15 participants will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Have a word with Or Type

Or Type, an online type foundry founded during DesignMarch 2013, was the first of it’s kind. Now two years later the founders wish to have a word with the public. Or Types invites you to a dialogue about things that matter, or don’t matter. Materialistic or idealistic things. Things that have or haven’t happened. About everything, or nothing.

Wind of Change

Wind of Change is an interdisciplinary housing and rural development project conducted by Aurora Design Fund in collaboration with. City Council of Reykjavik, Federation of Icelandic Industries, Iceland Design Centre, four major Icelandic Housing Associations and the Iceland Academy of the Arts. The aim of the project is to define innovative housing options for future development of high-density living areas in the far north with the intention to present ideas that bring about environmentally friendly, socially aware, economic and progressive solutions to the classical challenges of urban development.


Genitalia is a collaborative projects between different individual from the creative industry. They are brought together by their common interest in sexual energy, the primal force of human nature. Genitals will appear in different mediums, forms, and shapes. Project participants are; Sigríður Dögg Arnardóttir sexologist, Krista Hall and Anna Rakel Róbertsdóttir graphic designers, Ýr Jóhannsdóttir fashion- and textile designer (Ýrúrarí), Hermann Sigurðsson photographer, and Alda Lilja Gerisdóttir photographer and illustrator.

Saver Screensson

Siggi Eggerts on the project:

“Saver Screensson is a visualizer in the form of a screensaver. I had been drawing some patterns and accidentally stacked them on top of each other, so you could still see the pattern below. I liked the way it looked, and showed it to my friend and developer Hjalti Jakobsson. He liked it too, so we just started working on something, which ended up being a screensaver. It is made from 340 different geometric stencil images and patterns, and comes with 18 different color themes to choose from. The images are all drawn on the same geometric grid, so they always fit together. By continuously stacking the images on top of each other, in random order and random color, Saver Screensson creates new visuals, and the possibilities for unique image compositions are almost limitless.