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Sneak Preview to DesignMarch 2014 program

Collection inspired by stone age, Designs from Nowhere, children’s illustration workshop, Shop Show, fifth edition of Reykjavik Fashion Festival and more - We are happy to announce the first preliminary picks from the DesignMarch 2014 program.

DesignMarch 2014 will be held on March 27-30. We are glad to announce the first sneak preview of the program.

Reykjavik Fashion Festival

The fifth annual Reykjavik Fashion Festival will host catwalk shows by the always daring and talented Icelandic fashion designers.

Shop show

Shop show aims to highlight the link between production and consumption and what the consequences are. Designers partaking include Vík Prjónsdóttir, Hugdetta, Com-pa-ny, Studio Swine and Mater, among others.

Designs from Nowhere at Spark Design Space

Designs from Nowhere will present the outcomes from a series of recent workshops involving a group of acclaimed International designers in the East Iceland region.

The designers, Julia Lohmann, Max Lamb and Thorunn Arnadottir worked using local materials and resources, including seaweed, stone, fishing nets and reindeer horn.

The project aims to explore the potential for small-scale production in the area and the first designs will be presented, and for sale, at Spark Design Space during DesignMarch.

Hanna Whitehead

Studio Hanna Whitehead presents a collection of things inspired by the stone age. All the products have an origin in primitive things, but rather than being carved from stone they will be made with stoneware. While the skill to use the originals is lost, Whitehead brings us new suggestions on how we could use them today.


Tulipop will run an illustration workshop for kids of all ages who are interested in getting to know the creative process behind the magical world of Tulipop and its colorful characters. The workshop will be led by Tulipop’s Head Designer, Signý Kolbeinsdóttir, who will assist kids in their own illustrations and creations.


Inspired by notorious characters from the Icelandic Sagas, María Kristín Jónsdóttir designs unique unisex leather accessories for a fictional tribe -The STAKA TRIBE- still living in the rural highlands of Iceland. At DesignMarch 2014, Jónsdóttir will introduce the second collection that many have been waiting for.

In total, the festival will feature some one hundred or so exhibitions, openings, workshops and other events. Stay tuned – we will announce more preliminary program picks in January 2014.

Images by Hulda Sif and courtesy of Shop Show, Spark Design Space, Hanna Whitehead, Tulipop and Staka