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Conference | 13Al+ Opportunities within the Icelandic aluminium industry

The 13Al+ Conference that explores the current situation and future possibilities in aluminium production in Iceland. The conference will be held on August 28 at 13-17 in Arion Banki, Reykjavik.

What are the opportunities in Icelandic aluminium as a material for local business and production?  How should Icelandic aluminium be used in the future?

Iceland produces 800 million tons of aluminum annually, with smelters running on hydropower. Most of it is exported as raw material for further development and production.
What are the opportunities of Icelandic aluminum as a material for local business and production? How should Icelandic aluminum be used in the future? How can design be used as a driver for innovation within the aluminum industry?
13Al+ explores the current situation and future possibilities of aluminum production in Iceland. Speakers include foremost experts from business, aluminum industry and design.

The conference explores the current situation and future possibilities of aluminium production in Iceland.


13.00 Welcome
Pétur Blöndal, director, SAMÁL

13.15 Introduction to 13Al+
Gardar Eyjolfsson and Dag Holmgren, project managers
Gardar Eyjolfsson is a Director of Studies and Lector of Product Design at Iceland Academy of the Arts.
Dag Holmgren is a designer and professor of industrial design at Jönköping Shool of Engineering.

13.30 Innovation-lead design as a driver for business
Jan Stavik, managing director, Norwegian Design Council
A graduate from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration and INSEAD, France, Jan Stavik worked in marketing and senior management both for Norwegian and international companies and brands such as Unilever, Carlsberg, Coca-Cola, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line and EAC-KiMS (Malaysia) Ltd before moving over to manage the Norwegian Design Council (NDC), which in his time has experienced considerable budget increases from the government, enabling the NDC to introduce major national design projects.

14.00 Sustainable aluminium smelting in the Icelandic context
Rosa Garcia Pineiro, Director, Regional Affairs and Sustainability, Europe, Alcoa
Rosa Garcia Pineiro is Director of Regional Affairs and Sustainability for Europe. Perez oversees country and sustainability activities across Europe. In this function. She also is responsible for addressing sustainability opportunities and challenges.

14.30 Coffee Break

15.00 Aluminium – applications and use in design
Johannes Torpe, design director, Johannes Torpe Studio
Johannes Torpe is a director and founder of Johannes Torpe Studios, a multidisciplinary design studio with headquarters based in Copenhagen, Denmark and partner studios in Beijing, Italy, Hong Kong and New York. Torpe is also the creative director of high-end luxury brand Bang & Olufsen.

15.30 Summary - Material, process, industry
Hans Reich, director, Production Leap in conversation with professor Dag Holmgren, project manager of 13Al+
Hans Reich runs the Production Leap has helped hundreds of businesses become leaner since its start in 2007. Reich has previously worked in production, management and leadership positions in various Swedish and international companies, including Monark Crescent Boat AB, Volvo, Saab Automobile and most recently at Chalmers Technical Univesity, where he was a programme director at proDesign.

16.00 Panel Dicussion
Participants: Jan Stavik, Rosa Garcia Pineiro, Johannes Torpe, Hans Reich, Gardar Eyjolfsson

16.30 Reception at the 13Al+ exhibition

Prototypes by 13Al+ designers Sigga Heimis, Katrin Olina, Snaebjörn Stefansson, Gardar Eyjolfsson and Thora Birna

Admission is free and includes light refreshments. A reception will be held after the conference. Prototypes from the 13Al+ collection will be on display at the premises.

Register through The Federation of Industries here.

Additional information

Read more on Iceland Design Centre website here.

For additional information, kindly contact project manager Gardar Eyjolfsson, or project manager Dag Holmgren,

For media enquiries and images in high resolution, kindly contact Sari Peltonen, +354 8629324.

About 13Al+
Launched in 2012, 13Al+ is a pan-Nordic, cross-disciplinary project that brings together Icelandic designers and Swedish aluminium manufacturing companies to study the possibilities of aluminium produced in Iceland.

Designers Sigga Heimis, Þóra Birna, Snæbjörn Stéfánsson, Garðar Eyjólfsson and Katrín Ólína introduced a collection of prototypes at Stockholm Design Week 2013 and later at DesignMarch 2013. The conference is the closing event of the project.