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The National Museum of Iceland
January 28th – June 15th 2012

Icelandic dresses from ca. 1947-1970. Each dress is a unique creation. Most are “model“ dresses or couture, made to order for the client. Some of the dresses in the exhibition are from the National Museum collection, while others are privately owned.

The Museum has been collecting twentieth-century garments for some time, with the focus on Icelandic craftsmanship and production.

The dresses contributed by private owners were selected to reflect, on the one hand, changing fashions, and on the other the women who wore the dresses: a couture gown is not complete until it is worn by the right woman.

Curator: Steinunn Sigurðardóttir
Exhibition design: Páll Hjaltason og Steinunn Sigurðardóttir
Graphic design: Ámundi Sigurðsson
Exhibition Manager: Ágústa Kristófersdóttir
Catalogue editor: Bryndís Sverrisdóttir
Drawings: Laufey Jónsdóttir

The National Museum of Iceland
Suðurgötu 41
101 Reykjavík