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Tölt | Exhibition on the Icelandic horse opens in Berlin

As a take-off for the Icelandic house world championships, The Felleshus Nordic embassies in Berlin, Germany present an art and design exhibition centring on the Icelandic horse.

Tölt is an art exhibition entirely dedicated to the Icelandic horse, presented through diverse media such as photography, sculpture, video, animation, design and fashion.

The Icelandic horse carries a heritage of a tradition. It forms a significant part of the cultural identity of Icelanders. Wild in the Icelandic highlands, tamed for work and pleasure, transported and used for riding in new and different environments - horses are for Icelanders a concrete example of an ancestral culture. They embody a pro- found relationship to nature and are an inexhaustible inspiration - richly represented in Iceland’s literature, poetry and contemporary arts.

Contemporary Icelandic artists and designers have been given free reign to create and to present artworks inspired by the Icelandic horse: its beauty, its grace, its colors or its destiny. Each artist conveys his own vision and perception stemming from the horses.

Designers partaking include Hrafnkell Birgisson, Dögg Gudmundsdóttir, Andersen & Lauth, Erna Einarsdóttir, Jör by Gudmundur Jörundsson and Mundi.

The Exhibition is funded by the Icelandic Government and co-sponsored by Promote Iceland and WOW air.

Curator: Ragna Fródadóttir. The exhibition is curated by Ragna Fródadóttir, a Berlin based Icelandic fashion designer, in collaboration with several artists.

For more information on the exhibiton; www.nordicembassies.org

Pictures: Gígja Einarsdóttir and Benni Valsson (the thumbnail pic.)