Exhibition | Icelandic Contemporary Design

Seminar and exhibition | ICELAND AND ARCHITECTURE? in Berlin

What architecture is to be found in a country that has no traditional building materials like wood or bricks, that builds its houses out of grass and earth?

What heights did concrete construction reach?

And what effect did the sudden prosperity have, when Iceland became the wealthiest country in Europe, which was then followed by the sudden crash?

Will architecture have a future in Iceland?

These questions will be addressed via a seminar, exhibition and a documentary film.

Seminar: Icelandic Architecture
23.11.2012, at 18:00 hours

Architect Pétur H. Ármannsson:
The Mountains are their Castles – Contemporary Architecture and Local Traditions in Iceland

Architects Olga Guðrún Sigfúsdóttir and Jörn Frenzel:
Architectural practice – a case study

Architect Steve Christer, Studio Granda:
Three houses - Making and meaning in Iceland, Germany and elsewhere

Architects Hjördís Sigurgísladóttir and Dennis Davíð Jóhannesson:
The Icelandic Embassy Residence in Berlin

Managing director Halla Helgadóttir, Iceland Design Centre

Panel discussion is led by Peter Cachola Schmal, director of DAM Frankfurt am Main

Past – Present - Future exhibition 23.11.2012 – 06.1.2013
Opening 23.11.2012 at 20:00 hours

Curated by Sabine Schirdewahn, the exhibition ICELAND AND ARCHITECTURE? Past – Present – Future displays Icelandic architecture from its beginnings to the times after the financial crisis. It features photograps by Guðmundur Ingólfsson and the festival documentary film »Future of Hope« by the British director Henry Bateman. The exhibition concept is by Peter Cachola Schmal (Director, DAM Frankfurt).

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