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Exhibition | Posters by Goddur at SPARK Design Space

Posters by Goddur (30.10.2012-15.01.2013) consists of 29 posters designed during the past 16 years for various art related events. Goddur, professor in Visual Communication at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, is a specialist in use and reading of visual languages. The posters have been reprinted in limited editions and are available at SPARK. , Klapparstígur 33, 101 Reykjavik.

An extract from:
Form and Conceptual Twist: Poster Designs by Goddur written by Jón Proppé

Guðmundur Oddur Magnússon, Goddur, studied art in Reykjavík and graphic design in Vancouver, Canada. He has taught graphic design since 2993, first at the Art School in Akureyri, then at the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts and finally at the Icelandic Academy of the Arts where he is now a professor. He is without a doubt Iceland’s best-known commentator on design issues. For the last two decades he has been occupied with teaching and research but he has found outlets for his creative urges in several projects, not least in the posters he has designed for various cultural events. These posters have a distinct style though they fall into different series or categories. Many use photography – Goddur is himself an avid photographer – often with overlaid, handwritten text, though some feature set type. These posters are light and playful, perhaps to highlight the playful nature of the events they advertise: Art exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Goddur’s posters have attracted a lot of attention and they are, indeed, a remarkable body of work, spanning a long period, by a designer who is free from the constraints of normal, paid design work and can approach his projects entirely on his own terms. The posters have been exhibited around the world and are featured in numerous international publications, including Graphic Design For The 21st Century: 100 Of The World’s Best Graphic Designers by Charlotte and Peter Fiell (Taschen, 2003) where Goddur is one of three Icelandic designers included, the other two being Katrín Pétursdóttir and Gunnar Þór Vilhjálmsson.

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