Exhibition | Icelandic Contemporary Design

Exhibition | Pleasure and Functionality at the Museum in Hveragerdi


The exhibition Nautn og notagildi/Pleasure and Functionality brings together the works of more than 100 individuals in a dialogue whose aim is to explore the interfaces between visual art and design in Iceland. The exhibition, which spans the period from the 1910s to the present day, gives a historical overview of art and design history, and how the two have been intertwined.

The form in which the exhibition is presented evokes the home environment: the home is where objects from the worlds of art and design are brought together – objects that lend a meaning to existence, which is often on the intangible boundary between pleasure and function. The exhibition focuses on that boundary – and also on the vanishing boundaries which tend to typify our own time – and seeks out that creative energy which throws off the shackles of restrictions and definitions.

Examples of works are exhibited which have overtones of playfulness or fantasy, or evoke memory, heritage, or material connection. The question is posed: what defines the boundary between art and design? Especially in the context of such concepts as uniqueness and mass-production.

Curators: Anna Jóa and  Elísabet V. Ingvarsdóttir.

LÁ Art Museum is at Austurmörk 21 in Hveragerði, around 38 km east of Reykjavík. Buses 51 and 52 stop by the museum.

The museum is open from 12 to 18 everyday this summer. Free entrance!