10. October 2013

Exhibition | Shop Show, Form Design Center, Malmö, Sweden

Icelandic design labels Vík Prjónsdóttir and Hugdetta partake in Shop Show, an exhibition that centers on the relationship between consumption and production of objects. The exhibition runs 18.10.2013 – 26.01.2014. .
28. June 2013

Exhibition | Anatomy of Letters at Spark Design Space

The summer exhibition at SPARK Design Space is Anatomy of Letters by graphic designer Sigrún Rún Kristinsdóttir. The project was recently awarded the prestigious ADC*E Best European Student of the Year 2013. .
03. June 2013

Exhibition | CHANCE ENCOUNTERS, Towards Modernity in Icelandic Design

The Icelandic Museum of Design and Applied Art’s summer exhibition maps the arrival of modernism in Icelandic home interiors in 1930-1980s. .
26. May 2013

Exhibition Interval at Reykjavik Art Museum

Andrea Maack, known for her Andrea Maack Parfums, with Huginn Thór Arnason exhibit a fragrance as a 3-dimensional, architectural experience. Running through September 1st, the exhibition is part of Reykjavik Art Festival 2013. .
16. May 2013

Exhibition | Goddur at Petra Lilja Design Galleri, Sweden

An exhibition of posters by Goddur, professor of graphic design, is the first exhibition to open in Petra Lilja Design Galleri, Malmö, Sweden, on June 2-30. .
14. May 2013

Tölt | Exhibition on the Icelandic horse opens in Berlin

As a take-off for the Icelandic house world championships, The Felleshus Nordic embassies in Berlin, Germany present an art and design exhibition centring on the Icelandic horse. The exhibiton is open from the 16.5. – 2.7.2013. .
05. May 2013

Or Type by GUNMAD at Imprint Fair

Graphic design duo GUNMAD will introduce Or Type at Imprint in Mainz, Germany. .
14. November 2012

Exhibition | Siggi Eggertsson exhibits “Channelling” in IED Madrid

Siggi Eggertsson’s exhibition “Channelling” is currently on at IED, Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid, running until 28.11.2012. .
13. November 2012

Exhibition | Water and Earth, Icelandic-Finnish Jewellery Design at Hanaholmen, Helsinki 1.11. – 23.12.2012

Hanaholmen Cultural Centre exhibits jewelry design from Iceland and Finland. .
13. November 2012

Seminar and exhibition | ICELAND AND ARCHITECTURE? in Berlin

What architecture is to be found in a country that has no traditional building materials like wood or bricks, that builds its houses out of grass and earth?  Seminar 23.Nov. at 18:00 hours, in the Nordic Embassies, Berlin. Among speakers are Pétur H. Ármansson, architect, Studio Granda and Friends of water. The exhibition ICELAND AND ARCHITECTURE? opens the same evening, curated by Peter Cachola Schmal, Director, DAM Frankfurt. .
01. November 2012


Gísli B. Björnsson is truly one of the most dynamic graphic designers in the history of 20th century Icelandic design. The exhibition reflects retrospectively the works of Gísli B., Museum of Design and Applied Art, 25.10.2012-3.3.2013, Garðabaer, Iceland. .
29. October 2012

Exhibition | Posters by Goddur at SPARK Design Space

Posters by Goddur (30.10.2012-15.01.2013) consists of 29 posters designed during the past 16 years for various art related events. Goddur, professor in Visual Communication at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, is a specialist in use and reading of visual languages. The posters have been reprinted in limited editions and are available at SPARK. , Klapparstígur 33, 101 Reykjavik. .
02. October 2012

World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 | 15 000 visitors at Everyday Discoveries

15 000 visitors came to see the Everyday Discoveries – International Design House Exhibition during its 10 opening days in Helsinki, Finland. From pancake pans to prosthetics to woolen sweaters, Icelandic everyday items were also on display in the World Design Capital signature event. .
19. July 2012

Exhibition | Pleasure and Functionality at the Museum in Hveragerdi

The exhibition brings together the works of more than 100 individuals in a dialogue whose aim is to explore the interfaces between visual art and design in Iceland. .
16. July 2012

Exhibition of Contemporary Icelandic Product Design

If you are in Reykjavík and are interested in Icelandic product Design, there is an exhibition going on at The Museum of Design and Applied Art. .