DesignMarch 2014 | PARTAKE

DesignMarch is Iceland’s most important annual design event. From architecture to graphic design, fashion, furniture and product design, DesignMarch is a melting pot and a venue for various collaborations and experiments between local and international designers.

For its first years, DesignMarch has been prominently a local festival. Now, it is turning more and more international.

The festival gives a unique view to the Icelandic design scene – in four days, you will see all the latest works and meet and make friends all the key players.

Rather than a traditional fair, DesignMarch is a city festival, where we hope to create a small, intimate melting pot of the most exciting current doers by facilitating collaborations and bringing together international guests with the local designers and architects.

With all fields of design represented in the festival program and the entire city as a venue for the event, there are endless opportunities for exhibitions, workshops and other events. Get in touch before December 1st*  – we look forward to hearing your idea!

Participation fee at DesignMarch 2014 is 25 000 ISK **, which includes festival PR (chapter in the printed festival guide, a page with a dedicated URL on the event website with a description of the event along with address and map location, images, video content, dates, opening, entry in DesignMarch App, Signage materials, media relations help and access to our social media communications via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

* All event information must be submitted by this date to meet our print deadlines
** Concession rates are available

Image: GunMad at Hrím, DesignMarch 2013
Photographer:Valgarður Gislason