Program highlights

Collaborators | FÉLAGIÐ

Grandagardur 16
25.03 | 11:00-23:00
26.03 | 11:00-17:00
27.03 |13:00-17:00

This DesignMarch, the headquarters of the living architectural center FÉLAGIÐ, will be at the Reykjavik harbor.

This year’s theme is Architecture and Industry. Just like last year, this is collaboration between three trade unions, offering a varied program, not to be missed by anyone interested in architecture and design. The program is filled with exciting exhibitions and events. Also, guests are invited to enjoy refreshments at a unique café, overlooking the harbor.

Among the main events are furniture exhibition 10+, featuring 30 new and exciting pieces; Process – an exhibition of the working process of architects; Touched Landscape - an experiential space created by landscape architects; lectures as well as a screening of the film Borgaraleg hegdun (Civil Behavior) by students of the Icelandic Academy of Arts. In addition, furniture and material manufacturers will exhibit Icelandic design, which is currently in production.

The opening party will take place Thursday March 24th, starting at 8 pm.