DesignMarch 2010 program | architecture


Höfðatorg, Höfðatún 2, 105 Reykjavík

18.03 - 21.03

Opening Party March 18 at 20:30

Architects, landscape architects, interior designers and furniture designers unite with opening their exiting festival featuring talks, exhibitions, hang out and more - with a view.

FÉLAGIÐ offers coffee chat with professionals and an introduction on Icelandic architecture and design.  A rolling slideshow of the latest work of architects, interior designers and landscape architects,  exhibitions,  micro lectures, educational lectures, movie, and live music and more.  

FÉLAGIÐ is a collaboration of 3 professional groups that decided to join forces over the Design March to exhibit the great variety these fields have to offer.  The Icelandic Art Academy is a special guest.

Come join us and take part in the different discussions; where does architecture and design stand today, do we repair, do we rewind, look forward or combine the three?