DesignMarch 2010 | Program

The second annual DesignMarch brought an exciting program; a wide variety of interesting events, lectures and exhibitions, reflecting the versatility of Icelandic design and architecture.

The four-day design feast coloured the city of Reykjavík, bright and joyous, throwing light on new opportunities.

We let the images speak for themselves. Photography Valgarður Gíslason.

Opening Party of the DesignMarch 2010


The DesignMarch center of architects, landscape architects and furniture- and interior designers


Knock Out | Katrín Ólína Pétursdóttir



Garden of Enhancement | Galleri Kling & Bang


Iceland Design Centers lecture series| David Gensler | Katrín Ólína | Hlin Helga


Fyrirlestraröð Hönnunarmiðstöðvar 20.03 | Marcus Fairs | Peer Erikson og David Carlson | LHI

Brooches | Exhibition of Jewellery designers


Metamorphosis | Studiobility


Pop Up Market


Reykjavík Fashion Festival


The form flies | The Icelandic fashion society & the Icelandic dance company





Reykjavík Rewind | Talk


Hang in there | Exhibition of ceramicists


Reykjavik souvenir design competition | Award ceremony


Iceland Design Centre celebrates its second anniversary this year. During the brief time it has operated, a great awakening has taken place in regards to interest in design and the creative powers and possibilities of Icelandic design. Wherever there are new projects and construction, quality design may well be the key to their success. Recent examples of designers’ success in various fields have resulted in growing appreciation of the importance of design. There are also numerous instances of fruitful collaboration between designers and Icelandic companies. After all, great design is a powerful tool in a toughening competition.

DesignMarch is our most important undertaking: a four-day festival for designers, companies and design enthusiasts; the public, foreign guests and tourists. During DesignMarch, you will get the opportunity to explore a variety of projects by Icelandic designers and architects.


Parking Flowers

Reykjavik city centre
19.03 – 21.03
Landscape architects transform the atmosphere on Laugavegur shopping street.  Opening Party March 19 at 17:00

Graphic Design 2009

Lækjargata 2a

Icelandic Graphic Design Awards exhibition.

Project Laugavegur

The best in product design in and around central Reykjavík. The boom in Icelandic design influences the renewed identity of Laugavegur, Reykjavík´s main shopping street. Product design is a young profession in Iceland but has received attention and interest from all over the world. It has grown and evolved tremendously in a short period of time and is quickly becoming a strong voice on the international design scene. Opening Party March 18 at 17:00

Hang in there

Aðalstræti 10
Ceramicists exhibit new and original objects in Reykjavík’s oldest house. Opening Party March 17 at 16:30

Brooches & Brooches

Skólavörðustígur 5
Icelandic jewellers exhibit brooches made from a wide range of materials, influenced by diverse trends and in various traditions. The brooch is one of the oldest decorative objects, both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


Höfðatún 2
Collaboration across the design fields where experience meets the up-and-coming. 10+ Icelandic designers present the latest in furniture design focusing on variety and exploration. Opening Party March 18 at 20:30


Höfðatún 2
Architects, landscape architects, interior designers and furniture designers unite with opening their exiting festival featuring talks, exhibitions, hang out and more - with a view. FÉLAGIÐ offers coffee chat with professionals and an introduction on Icelandic architecture and design.  A rolling slideshow of the latest work of architects, interior designers and landscape architects,  exhibitions,  micro lectures, educational lectures, movie, and live music and more.   FÉLAGIÐ is a collaboration of 3 professional groups that decided to join forces over the Design March to exhibit the great variety these fields have to offer.  The Icelandic Art Academy is a special guest. Come join us and take part in the different discussions; where does architecture and design stand today, do we repair, do we rewind, look forward or combine the three? Opening Party March 18 at 20:30

Moving Forms

Reykjavik Art Museum Hafnarhús
Creative individuals join forces in a fashion show on the move at the Reykjavík Art Museum. A collaboration of fashion designers; Aaron C. Buillon, Andersen & Lauth, Anna Kristín Design, Ásta Creative Clothes, Black, Blik, Diza by Alprjon, Eight Of Hearts, ELM, Emami, Farmers Market, GuSt, HANNA, KOW, Lúka Art&Design, María Lovísa, Nostrum, Prem, REY, Rósa Design, Royal Extreme, Scintilla, Spaksmannsspjarir og STEiNUNN, the Iceland Dance Company´s artistic director Katrín Hall, stylist Alda Guðjónsdóttir and photographer Vera Pálsdóttir.


Reykjavík Fashion Festival

Sætúni 6
19.03 17:00 – 21:00
20.03 15:00 – 20:30
Reykjavik Fashion Festival seeks to provide the opportunity to channel Iceland's creative energy into a single event, both for the local Icelandic audience as well as an international audience. United by a common passion for Iceland and it's unique take on fashion, design and music, Iceland's foremost creative business leaders seek to champion the talent that makes the country so unique. Reykjavik Fashion Festival will see an exciting mixture of fashion, design and music at venues around the city. The inaugural event will take place on 19th and 20th of March 2010.

RFF - Club and live program

DesignMarch is partner of the Reykjavik Fashion Festival - Club & Live program taking place March 18th-20th. Its center point is the NASA venue, Austurvöllur, on the Friday and Saturday night where you can catch the Icelandic techno legends GusGus, Peaches from Berlin and Air France from Gothenburg.

NASA opens at 23.00 and program starts promptly 30 minutes later. Look out for RFF parties at Kaffibarinn and Venue. Buy tickets in advance at and the Skifan shops Kringlan & Laugavegur. Tickets also sold at the door (given availability). For full program please visit:

Children’s Sizes

Strandgata 34, Hafnarfjörður
Exhibition of selected designs which have shaped children’s worlds by both Icelandic and foreign designers. The focus is on 3D design; toys and furniture, and especially objects useful to children and designed with their needs and their world of ideas in mind. The oldest objects hark back to the first half of the 20th century and the most recent are created specifically for this exhibition. Hafnarborg, Hafnarfjörður.

Functional & For the Road

National Museum Suðurgata 41
Designers of the Textile Guild exhibit in Kaffitár, the coffee shop at the National Museum of Iceland.   Inspiration from the Museum is put into functional items for the locale, taking in mind the need for muting sound, with curtains, tablecloths, napkins, placematts, chairs, cushions and pillows. Coffeecups also are on show, where designers have experimented with innovative designs for insulating take-away coffee cups. Opening Party Wednesday March 17 at 16:30


Höfðatún 2
Architects improvise a project in one cubic metre.


Barónsstígur  27
Katrín Ólína’s mysterious world installation at Crymogea. Opening Party March 17 at 20:30

Pecha Kucha

Reykjavík Art Museum, Hafnarhús
The innovative Pecha Kucha approach involves a program of short and diverse lectures.

Reykjavik Rewind

Höfðatún 2
A refreshing dialogue between design students and some of Iceland’s most respected designers, who have been contributing to Icelandic design since the 1950s. Opening Party March 18 at 20:30


Kringlan, Laugavegur 47, Aðalstræti 10, Skeifan 6, Skólavörðustígur 12
Lyng presents five designers and their designs at DesignMarch, featuring Guðrún Lilja Gunnlaugsdóttir, Megan Herbert, Jón Björnsson, Hreinn Bernharðsson and Bylgja Rún.

Bongó Blíða

National Gallery of Iceland

Bongó Blíða is a collection of decorative objects, designed to add a touch of adventure to existing tableware. The idea is to allow Icelanders to conjure up their own tropical atmosphere at home at a time when travelling abroad has become too expensive due to Iceland´s near economic collapse. The project will be launched at Marengs, the museum café at the National Gallery of Iceland.

Living Library of Design

Reykjavík Art Museum, Hafnarhús
11:00 – 17:00
The Human Library is an innovative method to promote dialogue, reduce prejudice and encourage understanding. The main characteristics of the project are to be found in its simplicity and its positive approach. During DesignMarch, designers version of the Human Library will be up and running.

Models in Laugavegur

Laugavegur, 101 Reykjavík
An exhibiton of built and unbuilt structures. Architect offices have lent shops in Laugavegur new and old models of buildings, as variable as they are many. The models have been placed in between merchandise creating a surprise for customers.


Grandagarði 2, 2nd floor
Metamorphoses, an exhibition of selected work and new projects by Studiobility. Opening Party March 20 at 17:00

Construction Affection

Íslensk Grafík,Tryggvagötu 17, harbourside
06.03 - 21.03
14:00 - 18:00
Solo exhibition. Architect Andrew Burgess is working at the crossroads of art and architecture. Burgess maintains an architectural practice that spans the gap between ideas and buildings, creating architecture and whole worlds on the computer screen and using contemporary art as a testing field.


Iceland Design Centre Lecture Series

Reykjavik Art Museum, Hafnarhús
19.03 10:00 – 13:30
20.03 10:00 – 13:30
The Iceland Design Centre organizes a series of lectures at the DesignMarch.

DesignMarch 2010